Would you like a beautifully landscaped yard?
Are you willing to do the work yourself?
Do you need help creating a unified landscape design plan?

If you answered ‘YES’ to these three questions, then you’re ready to partner with DIY Landscape Designs.

You have the drive to install your own landscape; but being driven isn’t enough to create a functional and sustainable design without some type of plan. That’s where DIY Landscape Designs can be your partner by creating a custom landscape plan just for you. Your custom design will not only satisfy your functional needs but will incorporate good environmental stewardship by using sustainable design principles with lower maintenance plant selections that are properly placed on your property. What separates DIY Landscape Designs from all the other landscape designers is that I integrate education with the creation of your Master Landscape Design Plan. This education provides you with the knowledge to implement the design yourself.

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Everyone wants a great looking landscape to accent their home, but many home owners can’t afford the high costs of hiring a firm to both design and perform the landscape installation.  The cost of the labor alone can make up to 70% of the total cost of the installation.

Compound the cost of labor with the markup of the plant material and you’ll quickly see that a homeowner can realize substantial savings when they’re willing and able to perform the installation themselves.

Working with DIY Landscape Designs will allow you to get professional results at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for a full service landscape installation company.

Because DIY Landscape Designs is focused on landscape design and education and is not linked to any plant or landscape products or nurseries, I’m not influenced by plant or hardscape sales or overstocks like many of the in house designers who work directly for a local nursery.  As an independent designer, I have the freedom to choose from a much larger palette of plant material which enables me to use the plants that are best suited for you and your property.  Good plant choices and good plant placement will lower the time you’ll need to put into caring for your yard, reduce the use of chemicals, reduce your long term costs, and will lower your carbon footprint on the environment.

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