Once you contact DIYLandscape Designs and express your interest in my services, I will schedule a preliminary in-home visit with you and your family*. I’ll send you a copy of the client questionnaire prior to the preliminary visit so you get a chance to review the questions that I will be asking during this meeting. This will give you time to gather your thoughts and any pertinent information prior to the visit. We will complete the questionnaire together during the preliminary meeting so don’t worry about completing the questionnaire yourself prior to the in-home visit. I ask that all individuals who will be involved in the decision making process for your landscape design be present at this preliminary meeting.

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Preliminary Visit:

Upon my arrival for the preliminary visit*, we’ll walk your property, note the current site conditions, discuss what you’d like to accomplish and document any problems that you need resolved. During the preliminary meeting, I’ll discuss the style and philosophies I use to create my landscape designs. This will be your opportunity to ask questions about the design process, design philosophy and fees. We’ll complete your client questionnaire during this meeting. If you decide to become my client, I’ll ask you to submit a soil sample to the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory as a prerequisite before any planning phases begin. The U of M charges a nominal fee for this service. I can assist you with the soil sample process at this time. You’ll also see samples of a black and white final Master Landscape Design Plan, a color rendered final Master Landscape Design Plan, a Plant Catalog, a Plant Material Shopping List and an Installation Plan as examples of what you can expect to have delivered at the end of your design process.

Site Analysis:

Once you decide to request my services to create a landscape design plan for you, I’ll set up an on-site analysis visit. You don’t have to be present for this visit but you can request that this visit only occur when you’re home. Measurements will be taken, site data will be gathered, and a site inventory with photos will also be taken.

At this time, the following will be due:


**A non-refundable retainer fee of $75.00 will be charged when you retain my services and is payable on or before the Site Analysis visit. This retainer fee will be deducted from your final fee.



Draft Landscape Design Plan Presentation:


After the Site Analysis, I’ll create a draft landscape design plan in black and white. A second meeting* will be scheduled with you to present the draft landscape design plan. Changes, additions and deletions to the plan will be made at this time as I go over every detail of the plan with you. Again, all individuals who will be involved in the decision making process for your landscape should be present at this meeting.


Once all of the adjustments and approvals have been compiled from the second design meeting, the final Master Landscape Design Plan will be created.

Final Master Landscape Design Plan Presentation:


A final design meeting* will be scheduled with you to deliver the Master Landscape Design Plan. At this time you’ll receive one black and white copy of the design plan, one color rendered copy of the design plan, a plant picture catalog, a plant material shopping list and an installation plan. Installation training will be scheduled and general horticulture and plant maintenance for the design will be discussed. All final fees will be due at this meeting. No designs, copies or other deliverable documents will be released to you until all fees are paid in full.

On Site Training Meeting:


The next stage will be to provide you with the education you’ll need to implement your Master Landscape Design Plan. An on-site meeting will be scheduled to discuss the installation process and how you can divide the plan into phases to make it more affordable for your budget.* Once all fees are paid, you’ll be granted access to all online training materials and videos. I’ll also assist you with locating the plants that are part of the design plan and provide advice for alternative replacements when suggested plant material cannot be obtained.


All DIY Landscape Designs packages include education on the following topics, via handouts and videos in conjunction with one on-site training session* usually held at the same time as your Final Master Landscape Design Plan Presentation:

  • How to transfer the design from paper to your property
  • How to divide the plan into phases that you can handle and afford
  • How to locate the best price points on your plants – tips that can save you hundreds of dollars!
  • Specialized implementation training on topics such as:
  • How to properly plant trees, shrubs and perennials for long term success
  • How to properly install edging
  • The proper way to mulch
  • How to maintain your finished landscape topics such as:
  • Spring/Fall clean up requirements
  • Proper timing and techniques for pruning trees and shrubs
  • How to be a good steward of your property

I will provide one full year of advice/consultation via phone or email to answer questions regarding the master landscape design plan, the plants on the master plan, and the installation of the design. Any re-drawing, design changes or re-prints or any on-site installation supervisions or consultations can be provided for an additional fee.

* Due to my severe allergies, all in home meetings will need to take place in a smoke free environment. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you or your family.

Master Landscape Design

Color Rendered Design

Installation Plan