Knee_pads2My design style generally takes on a less formal theme called curvilinear. The lines I create between planting beds and turf are flowing and sweeping and they provide a great deal of movement for the eye. I mass plants of one type together in beds to showcase them when they’re in bloom and to reduce light penetration between plants. The reduction in light penetration will reduce weed germination and will also reduce the need to perpetually refresh the initial mulch layer. This in turn, reduces the maintenance of the landscape. For this same purpose, I use living mulches (groundcovers) wherever I can in the landscape. I also use some native plants in all of my landscape designs. Don’t let that spook you into thinking you’re planting beds will be messy and unstructured. Many native plants lead very organized and controlled lifestyles making them perfect candidates for urban landscapes. Gardening with natives is an important part of bringing biodiversity back to the landscape and they have a way of keeping things in balance without the use of pesticides. Native plants have deep root systems that allow them to withstand drought better and once established, natives will require less watering. Because one third of their deep root systems die each year, native plants leave open channels in the soil for water to infiltrate deep into the soil structure. In a nutshell, native plants improve water quality, anchor soil, provide wildlife habitat and sequester carbon. Best of all, native perennial plants are very affordable – even more so than most ornamental plants. If you want butterflies and birds to be frequent visitors to your landscape, natives will be instrumental in making that happen.

My experience and vision will

transform your property.

  • We wanted to “Do It Ourselves”, but as we began to check out garden center plants and bushes on our own, we realized the choice of landscaping options was endless and how would we put it all together? We contacted Nona and we are so grateful we did. Nona’s vast knowledge of landscape design and a sense for beauty came out in the lovely plan she designed for us. Nona listened well to what we wanted in the yard. We are nearing retirement age so we wanted landscaping that will not need continual work to keep it looking nice. Nona measured out exactly where each tree, bush and plant should go on graph paper so there is no guesswork on our part to implement the plan. She created a plan to add interest and color to our yard, suggesting creative ways to use solar lights and adding an artistic focal point in the yard. Nona’s use of computer graphics allowed us to see what the yard would look like even before we began the work. This was exactly what we needed.

    Nona has a keen sense for beauty and a love for nature that will bring a yard to life. We are thrilled with her work. I highly recommend her to anyone desiring a plan that they can do on their own.

    Chris V.
  • Gardening, what a pleasure.  I had no idea until a few years back.  Then came Nona.  Her ideas, planning  and support were great and I was so excited to get started.  Little did I know I would get hooked and turn our yard into a paradise.  Nona has been with me through it all.   Any questions, just ask.  Any concerns, just ask.  She is a great person to work with and she always listens to ones desires and concerns.  You will enjoy every step of the journey with Nona.     
    Jill M.
  • Nona has been my landscape and horticulture expert for many years.   Nona’s talent for design, knowledge of Minnesota horticulture has transformed our yard.   We planted our very first shrubs based on Nona’s recommendations and have consulted with her frequently over the years.   She has been an incredible resource for everything from bug control, fertilizer recommendations, pruning, to name a few.   Nona designed a perennial and annual border garden that greets neighbors out walking on the sidewalk that has filled the space beautifully, is a breeze to maintain, and gets complements from neighbors.  She designed a perennial border garden inside our yard that has transformed our city lot by providing a combination of beautiful trees for shade and privacy and a beautiful mix of carefully selected perennials.   Nona’s plans take into account our ideas and ensures that we have a plan that provides color throughout the seasons until the snow covers everything up.  Nona designed a “peace garden” that is a delight to all the senses and is easy to maintain.    When I consulted Nona about flower boxes, she created a diagram of the three essential types of plants and made excellent suggestions.  Using Nona’s inspiration and plant suggestions, I have a beautiful, vibrant flower display.

    The biggest landscape design (and hand holding) project yet is for our Northern Wisconsin cabin.   Nona has created a solution to a sandy, eroding slope down to the lake that includes reintroduction of deep rooted native plants, beautiful wild flowers, and aquatic plans that are environmentally sound and will improve the use and value of our property.   Nona has taught me to start plants by seed, has encouraged me at all steps along the way and recently made a house call consultation to encourage me, answer my questions, and even place a landscape rock or two along the new path she suggested to prevent erosion.    Nona’s plan incorporates formal paths, a woodland path, and other design elements that go beyond the plants which create a beautiful design.    Nona has an amazing knowledge of soil, trees, and plants and has an eye for design and practicality.

    Judith R.
  • “My yard used to be pretty but ordinary. I grew shrubs and perennials and thought I was doing fine. Then I began incorporating native plants in my gardens to be more sustainable by reducing the amount of watering and fertilizing that I was doing. Within one growing season, my yard began attracting more birds and butterflies, which made my yard quite popular in the neighborhood. I have even had members of the Monarch Waystation Program film the clouds of Monarchs who visit my back yard during their migration. I love my yard even more now and I’m proud of the diversity that it brings to our lives and to nature. It still amazes me how incorporating just a few native plants to a suburban city lot can play an important role in creating a healthy wildlife habitat.” – Nona C. – certified Wildlife Habitat #113539 (National Wildlife Federation).

    Nona C.